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To learn more about Mission India 2008, please click a link below.

Mission India 2008

Don't know what Mission India 2008 is all about? Read the Introduction to MI-8 further down this page.

Post-Mission Overview Video

The overview video of the mission trip has been completed. You can view the video (in two parts) thanks to GodTube.

MI-8 Overview Video, Part 1

MI-8 Overview Video, Part 2

MI-8 Video Blog June 6, 2008

We also have a video blog created during our missionary trip in India. You can watch that video here.

Video For Parents of Missionaries

This is a video that we figured the parents of the missionaries would appreciate. It shows a glimpse of how God can use a missionary trip to change our hearts.

Written Journal by Sister Rienne

Rienne Deering showed herself to be a budding writer. She does a great job of describing what it was like to be in India. She has graciously allowed us to place her journal during the MI-8 trip on this web site.

Introduction to MI-8

Important Facts

  • Dates: June 1 -- June 15, 2008
  • Location:
    • Six days in the rural village of Rajupalem (in the province of Ahdra Pradesh)
    • Six days in the large urban city of Chennai (also known as Madras)
  • Mission:
    • To be educated on how people in India live their daily lives. We saw both Christian and non-Christian lifestyles, as well as both urban and rural settings. We saw first-hand the needs in this region of the world.
    • To see how the Gospel is already having an impact in this part of the world.
    • To learn better how to further the spread of the Gospel in this part of the world.
  • To accomplish this mission:
    • We toured various places to understand the Indian culture better.
    • We did thre days of hands-on, practical service projects that benefited the underserved groups of India: Orphans, street children, and widows.
    • We visited with and prayed for unbelievers that are being taught the gospel.
    • We experienced a baptism ceremony for new believers.
    • We spent as much time as possible worshipping with fellow Christians in India.

Pre-Mission Promotional Video

We are also leaving this inpirational video which was used to promote Mission India 2008.

You can also download the video to your local computer. Just right-click one of these links and choose the option to "Save target as..." or "Save link as...".